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Continue reading below for the freshest, most important advancements in trends regarding technology and where it is heading in the near future.

Looking at trends these days and then trying to envision what the technology trends 2020 could possibly be, one thing that seriously strikes many individuals happens to be smart house technology. It is definitely popular and nifty to have. Who doesn’t would like to have a interesting set-up with a voiced-activated and entirely automated heating and lights and all those great features. It happens to be just so interesting to say “turn on the lights” and the lights turn on. Anyways, this trend is expected to be quite dominating in years to come because the technology happens to be increasingly becoming cost-effective and DIY friendly. Approximately any person who owns their house (and is allowed to drill into the walls) can rather easily get a interesting smart house setup going on with heating, lights, media systems, garage doors, smart locks and so forth. We wouldn’t be shocked to discover that the question of smart homes and their related products feature quite heavily at events like the Philips AGM.

When striving to compile a digest of the top tech trends, one among the things that actually catches the eye on a very typical basis is definitely the proliferation of chatbots and voice assistants. We’re reaching the point in our technology advancements that we can create programmes that can very effectively comprehend natural language and interact with users. This has so many benefits. Rather than having an app with a complicated user interface, you can opt to offer a chatbot where the user can simply ask for what they want and receive it. Some nifty fintech providers have been quite serious about using this technology for their products and with decent results too. Keep on watching this exciting space to see how this technology may further establish down the line. Look at Plum’s crowdfunding round for more ideas on the scope of this tech.

When pondering the latest technology trends in information technology, it can be hard to avoid conversations regarding the unstoppable rise of internet speeds. You can probably remember foggy memories of ancient ties of dial-up modems and their iconic connection noise. That seems so far away does not it? These days we are still seeing great deals of advancement, with things such as fibre optic cables coming in really transforming internet speeds in a honestly spectacular way. We've likewise other huge things. If you follow sector leaders’ events, like the Telecom Italia AGM, you’d know that 5G is a really big thing that is presently on the horizon. Some anticipate that it will very seriously affect how we utilise the internet on a day-to-day basis. Keep on watching this space as there will be great deals of developments quite soon.

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